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 Hi <3 Rozebuds Application

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PostSubject: Hi <3 Rozebuds Application   Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:31 am

Hello there WoW-Retribution Its nice to see you have a lovley server going up and i would like to be apart of the Community.

I feel that i can only explain to you how well and capable of being a GM That i can be on this server by changing some of the format. I hope you Don't Feel Annoyed because of this. Thank you for taking your time to read My App.

1. You must be 16+ (Maturity Reasons, No Exceptions)

2. Must not have a rule breaker history.

3. Must have 6 months experience as GM

4. Must have common sence...

5. Must know fluent English

6. Must not ask about your application

7. Must have passed at least Middle School.

8. Must be online for a minimum of 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.

9. Must make their application readable and acceptable.


1. Name

Rose Norman

2. Age


3. Location

Queensland, Australia

4. Sex


5. Experience as a GM

Gamemaster on the following server's

- World of the Killers
- Undamned WoW
- ToxicWoW
- Dominion WoW

6. Experience in Retail

A lot, been playing since 2007

7. What servers have you recently worked for?

Above on Experience on GM

8.[b] Why were you fired/leave

I left all of them since I didn't have time for them anymore.

9. Q&A Time:
[A] A player is missing a spell, what do you do?

I ask him what spell is missing, I then ask him/her to check the local trainer in the Shopping Area. If it is still missing I re-add it using the .lookup spell then .char learn

[B] Some noob is disrespecting players and staff. What do you do?

If he is disrespecting a member of staff directly, I would first mute him/her. If he/her still persists I will kick and then I will ask a higher GM/Head Admin if I could temporarily ban the player.

[C] You get reports of a hacker, what do you do?

I first look at the reports, I then ask for the player's name. I observe the player until I see if he is really hacking, if so, It's a permanent ban with a SS for proof.

10. What is the command to look at players inventory and spells.

Pretty straight forward and simple.

.Character showitems
.Character showskills

11. What will you contribute to the community:

I will contribute full support, including voting and Small Events. I will bring a loads of new player's in and I will try to keep minging ( Hacker etc ) out of the servers.

12. Know any other languages?

German / French / Spanish ( Hehe?? )

13. What time zone are you in? How long can you be online?

GMT 0:00+ ( English Time )

I would usually be on for most of the day, Unless I have work.

14. Know any scripting languages? [Not Required]

I know little of LUA, but that's about it.

15. Anything Else you'd like to add?

When it comes to the facts, I am elliptical. I am also very rational. I would be a pragmatic GM and enforce the issues at hand with reasoning.

Forgot to Mention My Characters name ^^: Rozebud
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PostSubject: Re: Hi <3 Rozebuds Application   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:03 am


-Incorrect format
-Incorrect commands in incorrect format
-Only looking for developers who know C++


Miku Hatsune - The world's virtual diva
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Hi <3 Rozebuds Application
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